logs krazy Ltd


  • hardwood logs, jarrah, ash,oak,beech,etc.


  • pre-packed coal and smokeless coal, (Order's taken for bulk deliveries. Please phone for prices). 


  • kindling sticks in nets.


  • firewood logs in nets.

  • Briquettes


  • 6" long logs split small for chiminea's and boats.


  • charcoal.


  • wood chipping and mulch.


  • Railway Sleepers.


  • Slab oak.

Kiln dried firewood logs...

Our kiln dried firewood logs are selected from the finest hardwood, They have been through a kiln dryng process which means they are completely seasoned and ready to burn for a perfect fire.

They are light, clean and emit a  beautiful aroma when burnt.The performance of your stove depends on the quality of the wood that you use.

Our kiln dried wood has a reduced moisture content making sure that it burns hotter for longer!

Heat output - one kiln dried log is amost equivalent to three unseasoned logs.

We deliver these in 1 tonne builder's bag's.